Pro Runner is where the services of a courier company, a personal assistant and a “You ring, we bring”- type meet.
Pro Runner does the more complex tasks that cannot be given to a courier or driver. 
If you get to the stage where you think “I need to do this myself, or there might be a mistake!” – give us a call!
Some examples of what we can do for you:
“Go to my home, fetch my golf bag and bring it to my office at 15h00…”
“Have these keys cut...”
“I’ve run out of petrol on the road. Bring me 10 litres …”
“Organize theatre tickets, roses and chocolates. Bring it to my office before 18h00…”
“Deliver this tender document before 11h30…”
“Take these display stands to Gallagher Estate for an exhibition…”
“Source and purchase 600 lime-green napkins and deliver them to Sandton Convention Centre…”
“Go to the airport, meet Mr Jones off his flight and give him these airtickets…”
“Have this document signed by each of the people involved and return it to me….”